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Sexual Wellness for Men and Women

Sexual Wellness from Arkansas Anti-Aging – Based in Little Rock and Serving Conway, Benton, North Little Rock, Cabot, Pine Bluff, All of Arkansas, and Surrounding Areas

Close-up of the feet of a couple on the bedSexual health is a critical part of your overall wellness as you age. Countless scientific studies have revealed the many benefits of a healthy and active love-life including; living longer, achieving greater success in business and a better overall well-being.

With age comes a deteriorating sex life for most people after reaching their 40’s. Women experience a lack of libido and vaginal dryness, and men can suffer from erectile dysfunction and a decreased sex drive. So we have made it our mission to support people in experiencing the many positive benefits of sexual contentment by using innovative approaches such as the Sexual Wellness Program. The Sexual Wellness Program at Arkansas Anti-Aging was designed to inspire men and women of all ages to take enjoyment in the most satisfying sexual experience possible again.


Men: Enhancing Sexual Wellness

A drop in testosterone hormone levels in men can produce challenges that interfere with sexual health and performance. With the use of the Sexual Wellness Program, there are ways to enhance sexual function and muscle memory so that men at any age can still participate in an exciting sex life. The Sexual Wellness Program Kit contains a balance of professional grade, non-controlled medications that work alongside each other to increase sexual wellness and performance for men.


Women: Supporting Sexual Wellness

Apprehensions in regards to sexual health can progress for women of all ages. These issues can fluctuate from a loss of libido to lowered lubrication and vaginal tissue health—all of which can spark unhappiness. The Sexual Wellness Program kit incorporates professional-grade, non-controlled medications to handle and assist with the precise sexual wellness needs of women.

At Arkansas Anti-Aging, it is our absolute goal to improve and rejuvenate the sex life and sexual fulfillment of every patient who comes to us for help. Contact us today to get started!


Results from the use of the products included in the Sexual Wellness Program will vary by individual. You may not experience the potential benefits described on this website. Medications should only be used under recommendation and guidance of your physician.
The information provided herein is for reference only and is not to be relied upon as making any representation as to the efficacy of any particular formulations. The sample formulations described herein result from prescriptions previously ordered by professionals licensed to write prescriptions in their respective discipline. Nothing herein is intended to replace or influence the independent judgment of any licensed professional. Only your physician can determine whether a particular formulation is right for you.



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