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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy of Little Rock

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, PRP, is an amazing, advanced treatment that helps thousands of people across the country every day. Come to Arkansas Anti-Aging to discover PRP options. Serving Little Rock and surrounding areas.

PRPAre you curious about platelet rich plasma therapy? It has gained media coverage and popularity in the past two years but in actuality, it has been utilized since the early 90s. Dentists and oral surgeons have been using this therapy to heal damaged tissue. It has also been widely used by athletes to treat sports injuries. Even Tiger Woods has taken advantage of this amazing technology that allows the body to generate new, healthy tissue.

Here is an explanation of how PRP therapy works. First, a very small amount of blood is collected from the individual — about 30 mL. This blood is placed into a special tube that when spun in a centrifuge separates the plasma from the other components of the blood. Then, the plasma is injected into the site where healing and new tissue is desired. The platelets secrete growth factors and so, new cell growth is stimulated, as is the production of collagen. The growth factors stimulate blood flow as well, and this makes the tissues in this area more firm — but also flexible.

Here at Arkansas Anti-Aging, PRP therapy is used aesthetically, and for sexual rejuvenation. Dr. Constance Crisp has had extensive training in aesthetics, with more than eight years of experience in the practice. It is her goal to create the most natural look that someone can achieve. She has a natural aptitude for creating a youthful appearance, and executes these procedures herself. You will not be treated by an assistant or a nurse practitioner.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift and Facial

Dr. Crisp provides the Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift and the Platelet Rich Plasma Facial. These specific procedures have received unprecedented praise and popularity. Hundreds of celebrities have been taking advantage of this technology to look their best. How does it work? Using platelet rich plasma from your own blood, new tissue growth is stimulated to plump up wrinkles and fill in sunken areas of the face. Skin can be made much firmer and “lifted”. The Platelet Rich Plasma lifts typically takes just 30 minutes.

There may be some slight discomfort during the procedure but a topical anesthetic is used to minimize discomfort. However, women absolutely love the results, and everyone who receives the Platelet Rich Plasma lift agrees that it is well worth it. This revolutionary procedure enables you to achieve the look of a facelift without any cutting or surgery. And the effects are long-lasting. They vary by individual but your youthful look will last six months, or even up to a year for some individuals.


Another application for PRP therapy is the famous O-shot™. Women are experiencing a renewed desire for sex and the ability to enjoy sex more than they have in a long time.

Just like the Platelet Rich Plasma lifts, the O-shot procedure does not take long. Results are typically noticeable within 2-4 weeks. Not only is sexual pleasure and performance improved but another advantage of the O-shot is that it helps with urinary incontinence (leakage of urine from the bladder). See our Sexual Wellness page.

Whether you are seeking a more youthful, refreshed look or to refresh your sex life, platelet rich plasma therapy from Arkansas Anti-Aging can help you. We welcome your questions and always thoroughly explain all of our treatments. Contact us for a consultation.




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