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Help Your Kids Have a Healthy Future With Family Fitness

Published August 16, 2018

Parents are a child’s first teachers. By instilling in them not only the values and morals that you want them to grow up with, but also lifestyle choices, you can help to ensure that they grow up to be healthy and happy adults. One of the best ways to help your children have a healthy future is by making time for fitness, both for yourself and for your kids. Kids learn by emulating parents, so if you sit on the couch, they will sit on the couch too. Instead of sitting around, find fun physical activities that you can all enjoy. Go for an evening stroll around the block after dinner or play a game of catch in the yard, or find another activity to enjoy. At any time of year, no matter the weather, make some time for family and fitness. Your kids will thank you when they’re older. Read more…



October 19, 2018

The Role of Hormones in Mental Health

Not all depression sufferers experience the same types of symptoms. Some people feel agitated or excited, like they want to jump out of their skin. And some people experience insomnia […]

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