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What Every Man Needs to Know About Gynecomastia

Published October 24, 2017

Gynecomastia may sound like a dangerous medical condition, but it’s surprisingly commonplace. And for those who have it, it’s usually more embarrassing than actually harmful. Gynecomastia is a condition in […]

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A Solution to Joint Pain That You Might Not Know About

Published September 27, 2017

Feeling achy and stiff? Maybe you’re also experiencing fatigue and hot flashes? If so, chances are it’s all related to the hormonal changes that come with menopause. Joint pain is […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Detoxing

Published September 20, 2017

If you read a lot of health magazines and blogs, you’ll soon come across the term detoxing. Detoxing is said to be the solution to all that ails you, with […]

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Could Cutting Carbs Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Published August 27, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take a pill and all your health problems would be solved? Just like that, whatever damage you had unknowingly done would be […]

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Why Inflammation Can Either Be Friend or Foe

Published August 17, 2017

The immune system is your number-one ally when it comes to recovering from an injury or acute illness—and inflammation, while it can be painful and annoying, is part of the […]

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How to Tell if You Have Hypothyroidism

Published July 29, 2017

An underactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism, refers to a condition in which the thyroid doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are responsible for controlling the responses of most of […]

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How Dieting Can Hinder Long-Term Weight Loss

Published July 19, 2017

Few things can be as puzzling and frustrating as going firmly on a diet only to find the weight slowly creeping back on. You may find yourself wondering what you […]

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Why It’s Important to Learn About Andropause

Published June 22, 2017

Some men may feel like they won out at birth by having a lifetime free of the hormonal fluctuations that lead to menstrual periods, cramps, and, later on in life, […]

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GERD Treatments That Go Beyond the Purple Pill

Published June 12, 2017

Heartburn, or acid reflux, is unfortunately quite common, with an estimated 15 million people suffering from the condition, which when chronic can be debilitating. Although experienced by most adults at […]

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How Are Sleep Deprivation and Obesity Related?

Published May 28, 2017

Fewer things can be more frustrating than setting a healthy goal for yourself and being plagued by seemingly uncontrollable food cravings. Why do you want to eat everything you’ve decided […]

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April 18, 2019

Hormone Replacement for Weight Loss: Finding a Healing Path for Your Body

If you’ve struggled with unwanted weight, you’re certainly not the only one, but you may still feel alone on the path forward. Especially if you’ve tried diets and weight loss […]

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