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Are Night Sweats Keeping You Awake?

Published June 25, 2018

Do you sweat excessively at night but have been hesitant to admit that you have night sweats as you’re worried about what that might mean for your health? If you do have night sweats, then you may be wondering why you have them and what is causing them. The truth is that many people get warm at night, but true night sweats are hot flashes so severe that you soak through your pajamas and sheets. In some cases, your blanket and sleepwear might be responsible—so can exercising before bed, eating spicy foods, or sleeping with the temperature up too high. But sometimes there is an underlying medical condition that you might not recognize. Infections, cancers, low blood sugar, and hormonal disorders can all cause night sweats. Menopause is the most commonly cited cause of night sweats, but there can be other hormonal issues at play as well. Fortunately, there are safe, effective ways to get rid of night sweats and get back to getting a good night’s sleep. Read more…



March 21, 2019

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