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Answers to the Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor but Don’t

Published May 22, 2018

When it comes to vaginas, your gynecologist has seen it all. Yet many women are still often shy or embarrassed when it comes to asking questions about issues they’re having. Bumps, rashes, odors, discharges, questions about sex, whatever is going on and concerning you, you don’t need to be embarrassed about talking to your doctor about it. There’s no reason to worry in private—your doctor can provide better care if they know what’s actually going on with you. You should also talk to your doc about any sexual health issues you might be having, including low libido, vaginal dryness, and pain during intercourse. There’s no reason to be embarrassed; it’s your doctor’s job to help you and take care of any questions or concerns that you might have. Often, you won’t have anything to worry about, but some vaginal issues can indicate or lead to greater health problems. Read more…



June 18, 2018

How Does Testosterone Deficiency Affect Your Body?

As you age, levels of hormones like testosterone and estrogen naturally begin to decline. It doesn’t always feel great, but it’s a natural part of aging. But sometimes hormones start […]

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